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A new roof can increase the market value of your property by billions of dollars. However, the worth of your home will be substantially influenced by the roofing material you select. Tile roofing is one of the greatest roofing solutions for increasing the value of your property. Tile roofs are available in thousands of different shapes and hues. They can resemble classic rifled shingles or slate, or they can be made to look like wooden tops or limestone. Ceramic or marble tiles can last a generation and dramatically improve a home’s texture and volume. Tiles are now designed in a lightweight, thanks to technological improvements.

If this is your best selection, be sure the construction is built correctly to manage the burden. Hire Elite Roofing for the best material as we are the leading company in Jacksonville. Tile roofs have excellent insulation, which protects your home warm in the winter and more relaxed in the summer. Tile roofs have a unique capacity to enhance that matches the exterior color or texture of almost any property or residence. These roofs are more resistant to damage due to earthquakes, storms, and other weather forces than other roofing options. Roof tiles are also fireproof, with a category A certification.

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Slate is high-end roofing material. It is not only desirable because it is composed of natural materials, but it is also one of the most durable roofing best materials, staying well over 100 years. Slate roof, on the other hand, isn't suitable for every property. For starters, it is more costly than the majority of different materials. Slate also necessitates roofing contractors that understand its specific requirements, particularly its higher weight, which requires more structural strength in most circumstances. Furthermore, improperly fitted slate roofing can cause significant damage to the property, and the tiles can quickly crack or break if mistreated. That is why it is critical to pick a roofer who is familiar with the material and has a good track record of quality work. It’s not necessary that every roofing company has the experts to install the slate roof. So, it’s better to choose experts. Elite Roofing company will assist you in choosing between many roofing alternatives. Our professional roofing professionals can advise you on the best option for you, relying on our decades of industry knowledge. We believe in matching you with a product that fits your particular preferences, house architecture, and cost. Let's chat about your tile roofing requirements during a free first session.

How long do Tile Roofs Stay?

Drive along any road in Jacksonville, and you’ll notice tile roofs decorating the area. Tile will use in the design of many commercial buildings. One of the primary reasons tile roofing is so attractive is its extended lifespan, which outlasts many options. A tile roof can endure decades, possibly up to 50 years, if done correctly in the first place and kept in good. It is especially relevant if the original piece was of excellent quality. From concrete to clay to slate to synthetic materials, tiling is the only way to go if you want your roof to survive forever. Elite Roofing in Jacksonville is the best option for your tile roofing.

Unique Tile Roofing Solution

Elite Roofing has the option of Onduvilla tile. Onduvilla is a one-of-a-kind roofing solution with a traditional stone tile appearance. That technique is entirely waterproof and does not require any additional protective shield. Onduvilla tile is not heavy in weight, and it’s easy to install. It gives all sorts of roofs a very exquisite aspect. Onduvilla tile is environmentally beneficial because it is manufactured from recycled materials. It can install on a roof decking or near boarding to provide a pleasant, resilient, and affordable roof tile.

Styles and Colors

Tile roofing has many designs and colors. Whether you choose light or dark, you can find every color easily.

The appearance of your home

Tile roof increases the beauty of your home in town. Everyone likes your home.


The most significant advantage of using tile as a material is that it is highly resilient and long-lasting.

Resistant to weather

Tile roofing is so attractive is because it is resistant to the climate.

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