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 Are you willing to invest in a good roof? Do you want the ideal roof layout for your demands? If so, you’re thinking about the extensively used shingle roofing for your top. Elite Roofing is an independently owned and operated residential or commercial shingle roof contractor in Jacksonville. We are offering superior asphalt shingle roofing systems that last the passing of time to households in the whole region. Asphalt shingles have traditionally been a great suggestion due to their low cost. Still, advances in roofing innovation give more texture, volume, and airtightness now than ever.

Many people prefer to install asphalt shingle roofing material for their property. Asphalt shingles, which come in a variety of colors, materials, patterns, and thicknesses, can be created to seem like slate, fir, or timber roofing. Asphalt shingle materials are cost-effective, and they are also reliable and eco-friendly. The shingles can be recycled or utilized in flooring once used. If you live in Jacksonville, it’s better to call Elite Roofing when you decide on shingle roofing for your property. We are pleased that the hues of our items are unique. We advise our clients to select appropriate material based on the structure. We are responsible for both home delivery and installation.

Installation of Shingle Roofs for Best Safety and Longevity

It makes no difference in the type of shingles you choose on your roof if the installer is unfamiliar with shingle design and the roof installation process. Minor errors have far-reaching implications. Shingles that aren't firmly affixed to your top during a thunderstorm will move. Shingles that have been cracked during the shingle roofing project allow rain to enter your property. We know why landowners hunt for the best deal when getting a new roof put. It's a costly task. If you suffer major roof damage due to a hurricane, the appeal of a cheap and quick roofing solution may seem too attractive to give up completely. It is how customers are fooled into using fly-by-night roofing repair firms. When hailstorms and other severe thunderstorms blow through a region, organizations rely on residents and either execute poor work or fail to show up to complete the job. We have numerous expert teams at Elite Roofing to address your demands for rooftop and shingle protection as soon as possible. We can assist you in covering your restoration area until our roofers can finish the job. More significantly, once we have installed your shingles, you can be confident that your work and expense will last for a long time. You should hire us first when you want to install a new roof so that you can prevent yourself from trouble.

How to select the best Shingle Colors for your Property?

Selecting a shingle color for your roof is not a simple undertaking. The appropriate color may significantly increase your home’s aesthetic appeal, while the wrong hue can diminish the look of your home’s attractiveness and reduce its price. Because your roof can last a generation, it’s critical to choose a shingle color that you and potential buyers would like. If you’re not sure how to choose a color for your roof, we’ll walk you through the process. When selecting a color for your roof, consider traditional colors that will not be off-putting to potential owners if you wish to sell your property.

While it may be attractive to follow the latest trends, choosing classic colors can protect your home’s sale price and front beauty. If you do not want to sell your property, you can choose a bolder color that matches the color of your property. However, keep in mind that if you plan to sell your property, you may need to replace the eye-catching shingles with more modest ones. Tan, brown, and grey shingles will absorb the heat than black shingles. When picking between different colored shingles, go with a color that enhances the curb appeal of your property. Don’t worry; we have every color for shingle roofing-. If you do not have any idea, then our experts will guide you.

Select Your Layer of Assurance

3-Tab Shingles

These are an excellent choice for individuals whose income is low and who can't afford too much.

Laminated Shingles

The best-selling ones come in a multitude of color options to help you change the look of your property.

Super HD Shingles

Super HD Shingles have all of the cosmetic advantages of the higher elevation series.

Customized Shingles

Elegant Everlasting shingles that will keep your home the attention of the neighborhood.

Dimension shingles

These are used to create a pleasing large variation or to mimic the appearance of a wooden shake roof.

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